What is house call pet grooming?

Mobile In-Your-home dog grooming is when a professional dog groomer comes inside your home and bathes & grooms your dog in the comfort of your home.  Please Note: We do not have a van, truck or trailer.


Owners are welcome to participate if the dog is not distracted from the grooming experience or you are welcome to walk away and come back once the grooming is completed.

What is the benefit of grooming my pet at home?

  • Pet is in their familiar surroundings (scents, sounds, people, etc.)

  • Great for pets that don’t like to be around other animals, pets with anxiety, nervous, scared, timid, elderly, fatigue, or sick.

  • Bathed, handled and groomed by one person, forms a bond.

  • Pet owner does not have to drive anywhere

  • Convenience for pet owner; pet is groomed while you clean your house, work from home, etc.

  • No cages

  • Stress-free

Why dog grooming at my home?

Tania has worked for dog grooming salons and even though dogs were treated kindly some owners worried leaving their pets. Some pets would have anxiety or get stressed from the noisy environment. Since she was already familiar with this option as a grooming service noticed this was a very good choice for both the client and their pets. There's no place like home.

What is needed for the groomer to groom my pet in my home?

The only requirement is to have an area to be able to groom your pet, like a laundry room, kitchen, etc., sink with water access for the bath, I bring my own portable small grooming table, my rolling cart with all my equipment and supplies needed for the groom, an electrical outlet would be needed for the dryer.

.....and of course, your furry baby will receive plenty of hugs and kisses!

Pug ready for a groom
Terrier ready for a bath before a mini groom