Our Policy For New Clients

All new clients must read and sign a copy of our Pet Grooming Policy Release Form. Click here to read, print and complete prior to your first pet groom.

Dog Size and Behavior

Currently, I am only grooming small dogs so if your dog fits in your kitchen sink or utility sink I can groom/bathe your dog.  In regards to behavior, some dogs that are very uncooperative and aggressive, we  must look after our safety, as well as, the emotional well-being of your pet.  Please just let us know in advance and we can certainly try.  We have noticed pets do better in their own environment and with a patient caring groomer that takes their time can make it possible.  We have groomed difficult and anxious pets that required a light sedative, which you can obtain from your Veterinarian. This is another option and can make the grooming less stressful and be able to have your dog groomed.

If your pet had recent surgery, broken bones, Stitches, medical condition that might endanger your pet being groomed or bathed, you would need clearance from your Veterinarian. We will have to schedule your appointment for a date that would be safe for your pet.


We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Venmo, and PayPal.

Grooming Time

Please allow the groomer enough time to complete your pet’s groom. Most dogs require 1 ½ to 2 hours depending on the pet. For example, if your pet gets stressed to have his/her nails trimmed that can prolong the session. Also, first time clients and dogs with special needs can take a bit longer.  It’s important not to rush the session so your pet feels comfortable and bonds with the groomer.

Grooming Area

Groomer needs an area away from distraction and well lit to groom your pet where a small grooming table will be set up, groomer brings own equipment and supplies, a kitchen or utility sink with access to water to bathe your dog, and a electrical outlet by the grooming table to dry your dog.    

French Bulldog
Beagle Puppy ready for bath
Jack Russell Terrier Smoothe Coat
Dog Grooming Service Details
  • Puppy Cut - Unlike the traditional grooming that pets normally are given according to their breed, is a haircut that is shorter so that the hair is all one length. In a puppy cut, the hair is shorter than the breed standard for grooming, but the overall length can vary according to preference.
  • Shave Down - A very short trim with a hand-held clipper to take length off of a dog's coat. Climate-related conditions, flea and tick problems or moderate to severe matting.
  • Sanitary Clip - Shaving under the belly and around the rear end allowing your pet to go to the bathroom in a more sanitary manner.  The clip provides adequate ventilation of these areas and ensure that hair around them will not catch bodily wastes. Some dogs that are sensitive in these areas we can trim instead of shaving.
  • Teeth Brushing - This is not a replacement for teeth cleaned at a vet. 
  • Flea and Tick Shampoo - This shampoo can be used on both cats and dogs if they are scratching from the itch and irritation caused by fleas, this shampoo will not only kill the fleas, but also relieve their irritated skin. During the shampoo process it is normally left on for 5-10 minutes so the shampoo works in killing the fleas and ticks before the groom. Pet owner should follow-up with a flea and tick preventative and your home may have to be treated as well as the pet's bedding, belongings, etc. 
  • Dog Pawdi-cures - Using fast drying non-toxic dog nail polish used as a finishing touch to any groom. Preferably used during holidays or special occasions. 
  • Dremel - An alternative to nail clipping where the nails are shortened using a Dremel tool rather than a nail clipper. Both can be used during the grooming process. If nails are extremely long the pets nails are clipped first then dremeled (bluffed) to smooth rough edges.
  • Glands Expression - Some dogs especially smaller ones require or need to get this gland in the tush area emptied. It can be bothersome and if left for too long can become impacted and can require a visit to your veterinarian.
  • Tear-Stains Removal Treatment - Tear staining in dogs and cats is typically caused by excessive tear production, though it can also be a sign of a serious eye-related disease. The condition is more common in certain breeds and is more obvious in pets with light-colored coats. I trim the hair around the eyes and/or clean with a basic eye saline solution with no additives by applying on a pad not directly on the eyes. I personally do not suggest tear-staining products that contain antibiotics there are many natural products available for your pet. An holistic veterinarian can also offer you suggestions as well.
  • Paw Pad Conditioning - Ideal for healing dry, chapped, rough paw pads, peeling and cracked paws, allergy symptoms of paws, scars, dry  elbows, protection from hot Florida ground pavements when walking, cracked and dry nose and older dogs. This can revitalize and make the animal more comfortable especially when walking.