Dog Grooming at clients home
Merryfield Pet Grooming Certification
My Story

I am a caring and patient Certified Dog Groomer who believes in taking a natural approach for the well being of pets. I received my pet grooming certification from one of the top South Florida pet grooming schools with a diploma and over 600 hours of training with National Certified Master Instructors. I am certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid.  Insured.

As a small child, I always loved animals and I believe this holds true to most pet groomers.  It's a connection I've had from as young as I can remember. Even though I am a people-person and connect well with people there is something about animals that add a smile to my face and provides me with such joy! It's amazing how an animal whether its a dog, cat or even a bird can make you forget about your day and provide health benefits. This is why many hospitals today see the need to have their patients' own dogs visit them.

I remember as a kid picking up stray cats off the street and my mom would cringe! Now that I think of it it's pretty funny even though my mom would not agree. Growing up in apartment buildings this was my mom's excuse that we couldn't own a dog even though my dad was okay with it.  So to keep me happy I had whatever they would allow; hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, hermit crabs, goldfish, birds, turtles, and a cat. Finally, as an adult it's when I got my first dog.

Throughout the years, I worked in many different offices, did some websites, owned a health food/vitamin store, etc., but it's when I worked at a pet hotel for a big anchor store as an Assistant Manager is when I realized I can work with pets and make money too. I was in heaven! When I moved to Boca Raton, Florida, I decided to do some pet sitting and also worked for a large pet pharmacy in South Florida. Still I wondered what else I can pursue in the pet industry working with pets and that's when I decided to try dog grooming. It's a great way to have hands-on with pets, make them feel and look better, use your creative side, make a living out of it, and be able to be an independent pet groomer.

After graduating from pet grooming school, I decided to work at some local pet salons. Before graduating, I did my externship with a local dog grooming company doing house call dog grooming services and realized this was the direction I wanted to pursue one day.  Even though it was enjoyable working in a salon it's a different experience. Some dogs that are old, sick, scared, aggressive with other pets, etc. do better in a quiet familiar place like their home. That's when Tails of Enchantment was born!